The snow white princess

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The snow white princess prince was rescued after the mad queen, gas. Dressed up as an old woman, into the palace to take Snow White [for Snow White's daughter is very white, so called small peach.TWa起点文学网


One day, the queen saw snow white they are not at home, the snow white princess daughter small peach [] to the edge of the well, ready to put Snow White's daughter small peach [], pushed into the well, but Snow White's daughter small peach [] is very clever, in the queen pushed her, to left run the queen, fell into the well, it was a false alarm over.TWa起点文学网

The snow white princess back, the snow white princess daughter small peach [], tell her this matter, the snow white princess told her after careful, small peach told snow white, good. They are one family laughing.TWa起点文学网


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